BBC Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Official Trailer

As the #RoadToSochi comes to an end, the BBC (Official Olympics Broadcaster) have released their official trailer ahead of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Game…

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  1. Team GB says:

    VIDEO: What did you think of the Official @BBCSport Sochi 2014 Trailer that
    aired on BBC 1 last night? BBC Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Official Trailer

  2. Team GB says:

    The Official BBC Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Trailer is here. Are you ready?
    +1 if you are excited #RoadToSochi

  3. Ivan Petrov says:

    Ахуенно жэ

  4. jamesdoesVLOGGING says:

    Listening to this really loud is just…

  5. crazyshot011 says:

    Im pretty sure computer generated nature is pretty good as well. 

  6. Thomas Nichols says:

    TC:DW – Too Cold : Didn’t Watch

  7. Paul Barbato says:

    I wonder how many African countries will take part this year.

  8. Music Mixes says:

    name of tune, please?

  9. pytw04 says:

    who narrated this?

  10. Chuck Norris says:

    So when does this games come out?

  11. MAjaMantras says:

    the video is nice, but where is the trailer?

  12. AmericanConcrete says:

    The answer is: God.

  13. Rontheginger says:

    Pretty good, Unfortunately its going to suck losing to canada

  14. Caleb Welk says:

    August 2nd?? Wouldn’t that be the Summer Olympics?

  15. Rumpelstiltskin23 says:

    ridiculous stupid trailer.

  16. Arthur Voice says:

    Whatever you say, ‘Mandarin’

  17. Zenon Chi says:


  18. prtzy says:

    That peak actually looks similar to Mount Everest !

  19. Tweed says:

    Now this trailer needs a movie.

  20. Nik Olay says:

    Welcome to Mordor

  21. Austin. s Arciaga says:

    vancouver 2010 winter olympics was the best… i dont think anyone can beat

  22. kayla clark says:

    I’m looking forward to this years games but I really don’t think if can top
    the amazing Vancouver run. 

  23. kublya9 says:

    hahaha! long way to Mordor :)))

  24. yokehuatgoh says:

    nature may let some conquer her but for a fleeting moment, eventually all
    will return to her bequeathed for eternity

  25. Michael Kwan says:

    Winter is coming… to Sochi. 

  26. baldemar calderon says:

    that voice gave mi chills

  27. Joseph Robinson says:

    This trailer has got Russia writen all over it, its a trailer that says
    “dont mess with us”, i think its a great trailer and sets a great tone for
    a great contest, having read some of the replies below the most negative
    comments have come from people in America, are they perhaps intimidated by
    a country that is not affraid to stand tall and face all adversity in the
    world. Russia is a great country, ok its got its faults just like the rest
    of us, but they are still great and we should never ever under estimate a
    country like this. 

  28. Victor Voracious says:

    Skyrim Olympics?

  29. YouTikki says:

    I’m boycutting this winter olympics, due to Russia’s opinion on human

  30. JV .Finks says:

    Reminds me of Wrath of the Lich King trailer lol.

  31. Джон Смит says:

    Skyrim FTW

  32. Huechi Lee says:

    Illidan comes out and is like “YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!”

  33. Jake Bredanuty says:


  34. mabdulle says:

    Next-Gen SSX

  35. Ahmed Najib says:

    Such a COOL ad………literally

  36. patrick le berrigaud says:

    BBC Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Official Trailer youtube 2014

  37. Admiral Thrawn says:

    But now you stand before me,
    Devoid of all dismay.

    So come play in the snow with us,
    Unless, of course, you’re gay.

  38. Trent Hoover says:

    USA should make a counter and have Morgan Freeman narrate it. Let the War

  39. 4h4usheer says:

    Boycott Sochi. Send Russia a message, let them make as little
    tourism/promotional money as possible.

  40. Mangalex28 says:

    Maybe a dragon lighting up the olympic flame or something would have been
    ultracool. Yes, maybe a bit too much but at this point…. Anyway good job
    BBC. I’m french and I know that our tv channels will have shitty

  41. ShierenAMV says:

    This motivating as fuck….

  42. TheProlexProductions says:

    Wow beast trailer i wanted more

  43. Logan Shaw says:


  44. Edouard Ros says:

    Arthas, the lich king.

  45. aber dunsky says:

    118 dislikes from the Neville Chamberlin types. 

  46. creARTive concepts says:

    BBC’s Winter Olympics Trailer Is Totally Over the Top

  47. LukeGeoDude says:

    Much 1936esque.

  48. Karol Walkowski says:

    Too dark… Looks and feels like a trailer to “Cliffanger II” actually. The
    only quality of this clip is Dance’s voice over.

  49. Ashadelo says:

    But… there is one they fear in their tongue, he is Dovakiin, Dragonborn”

  50. TheOmnipotentChurro says:

    The Olympics are stupid

  51. Irakli Ika says:

    sochi is georgian teritory remember that all

  52. seti111 says:

    Are the 2014 Winter Olympics being played on the Xbox?

  53. aleksandarWH7 says:

    Putin-Land Olympics,hope terrorist kill them all 

  54. use215 says:

    In soviet Russia, Olympics play you. 

  55. Kasia Kubicka says:

    Author of this film: TOMASZ BAGIŃSKI (you should add this info in

  56. John Doe says:

    The USA is going to walk away with more wins and medals like always

  57. Valentina Getova says:

    Great. : )

  58. HorstQueck says:

    “Russia has only heard applause from the West twice in the past century –
    and only when it committed suicide, accompanied by social disintegration
    and economic collapse: in February 1917 and December 1991.” — Vyacheslav

  59. Adam Slender says:

    Allahu Akbar!!!!!!!11

    Chechens are gonna fuck all of you cunts up.

  60. ChronoEnik184 says:

    Big Black Cock Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics?

  61. Hardi Holpus says:

    nice trailer!

  62. SpOnSoRuNM says:

    fucking lannisters

    also inb4 terrorist attack

  63. Marshall Mathers says:

    Russia should die 

  64. lilredcutie0 says:

    I didn’t know the Olympics were being held in Winterfell this year.

  65. Nick Diamond says:

    epic fail with Sochi 

  66. danurion says:

    If only there was that much snow in Sochi…….

  67. byMrCocos says:

    Tovarischi,this is MOTHER RUSSIA

  68. NoName1462 says:

    My son, the day you were born, the very forests of Lordaeron whispered the

  69. Gvidas Sestokas says:

    Reminds me a WOLTK trailer lol

  70. mar maj says:

    Bagiński is DA MAN 

  71. PizzaZocker says:

    where is the music from?

  72. Dániel Ruthner says:

    Are the olympics gona be in Skyrim? :o

  73. Isabel De Block says:

    Not sure if new trailer for a superhero movie or winter olympics

  74. Captain_Domo says:

    Who was the voice actor?

  75. nekto555 says:

    lol, not so cold in Russia

  76. GSoldierSorg says:


  77. MariaGRMeganF says:

    What is the trailer’s song?? It’s fantastic!!! 

  78. xaal Carlson says:

    the olipics arnt this cool just shows u the power of trailers :/

  79. patchinko liondari says:

    subtitles please !!!!

  80. rudm100 says:

    How it is related to Sochi 2014? More like Frodondalf is going to take
    revenge on cruel people who cut off Theon’s honor.

  81. Trun Mark says:


  82. simon61096 says:

    what or where is the poem/rifddle thing at the beginning from? it sounds

  83. Benjamin Franklin says:

    I was looking forward to this. But now, I’m boycotting due to the anti –
    gay Russian president who compared gays to pedophiles. I hope America takes
    home some medals.

  84. yamen0 says:

    Winter is Coming !!

  85. Kamagel007 says:

    Answer; Nobody!

  86. JoshBrenne says:

    Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin…

  87. AsianTheDomination says:

    Thumb up if you hate niggers and jews

  88. dace wolf says:

    wonder how many will be smart not to go to the shitty country cause of bomb
    threats and the so call rules

  89. SamuraiPie8111 says:

    lets hope the mudslimes dont bomb the place!

  90. ptong226 says:

    thumbs up for sochi 2014, ass up for the gay protesters.


    this is more like an official trailer for doomsday

  92. Gerard Dixon says:

    it was the Bomb.

  93. wiresvn says:

    I am the dreadful menace
    The one who’s will is done
    The haunting chill upon your neck
    I am the conundrum
    Not you or any other can fathom what is nigh
    I will tell you when to jump and I dictate how high
    But now you stand before me
    Devoid of all dismay
    Could it be, just maybe, I’ll let you have your day.

  94. Joren Van Severen says:

    I suddenly fancy some winter sportsing.

  95. Terority says:

    I am the dreadful menace.

    The one whose will is done.

    The haunting chill upon your neck.

    I am the conundrum.

    I will summon armies.

    Of wind and rain and snow.

    I made the black cloud overhead.

    The ice, like glass below.

    Not you, nor any other.

    Can fathom what is nigh.

    I will tell you when to jump.

    And I’ll dictate how high.

    The ones that came before you.

    Stood strong and tall and brave.

    But I stole their dreams away.

    Those dreams could not be saved.

    But now you stand before me.

    Devoid of all dismay.

    Could it be? Just maybe.

    I’ll let you have your day.

  96. Adame Nicolas says:

    BEST Olympic :O